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Jewellery Size Guides

N E C K L A C E S font guide size chart 

Find out your ideal necklace length by taking these steps.

1. take a piece of string / cord , hold both ends of the cord and wrap it around your neck where you would like your necklace to ideally sit, making sure that both fingertips from both hands are touching one another.

2. whilst still keeping your fingers fixed at both ends, straighten the cord and mark both ends using a pen / marker pen. 

3. take a measuring tape or ruler and measure the length of the cord from one marked end to the other. 

4. convert it to inches (if you have measured it in cm) - 1 inch = 2.5 cm

5. Congrats - you now know your ideal necklace length!




If you don't own any rings, the use the string or paper test below.